Builders Increase Value By Focusing On Future In Semi-Custom Homes

Today's builders are finding ways to distinguish their communities and home designs by including innovative features that add current value and efficiency while providing savings into the future.

Today's builders are finding ways to distinguish their communities and home designs by including innovative features that add current value and efficiency while providing savings into the future. Solar systems and built-in pest defense are two examples of forward-looking features now available on some new homes.

Southern California residents have been hit hard with rising utility costs, which have made solar an increasingly important option. The addition of a solar system to a home can result in energy savings both now and in the future. Solar is also renewable and sustainable, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and allowing homes to be more environmentally friendly.

According to KirE Builders, solar systems generate clean, affordable energy at a rate lower than the current utility price at a locked-in low, predictable rate. Therefore, this builder offers a 3.0 kW solar system standard on every one of its semi-custom homes in its Black Canyon Estates in Ramona.

"We have partnered with SolarCity to include system maintenance, insurance and repairs on solar systems on our Black Canyon Estates homes," said Adam Hutchinson, vice president with KirE Builders. "Solar systems help keep monthly expenses down so they add value. Families and retirees especially like features that decrease their monthly costs."

The solar systems on homes in Black Canyon Estates, a community boasting 360-degree mountain and valley views, include SolarGuard service which allows homeowners to monitor performance data (current and historical activity) as well as cumulative environmental benefits from their smart phone or computer.

"It's the most robust standard solar system in a new home community in San Diego," noted Hutchinson.

KirE Builders provides another innovative feature that adds value to its homes: a built-in pest-defense system. The feature is standard on KirE's Black Canyon Estates, providing protection from pests in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

The technology for built-in pest systems is fairly new according to Hutchinson. First, homes from KirE are built with wood pre-treated for pest resistance. Second, KirE's homes include an integrated pest-defense system (from Home Team Pest Defense), a system built into all exterior walls and designated internal walls. Future pest-control treatments can be completed via the entry ports on the outside of the home, creating easy access to places where pests live.

"There's no great way to deal with pests once they're in a home's walls, so our standard pest-defense system offers peace of mind," he said. "It creates a barrier within the walls of the home."

Hutchinson touted both the convenience and safety of KirE's standard pest-defense system. After the initial service, no one needs to be home for future servicing due to the external ports.

"This pest treatment is not like other kinds," said Hutchinson. "It is safe for homeowners. You don't have to vacate like with some treatments. Homeowners can be sitting on the couch or cooking in the kitchen when servicing is done."

KirE includes one year of service for its pest defense, which adds additional value.

Beyond innovations such as standard solar or cutting-edge pest defense, home setting and design options themselves can be forward looking. For example, homes situated in locations with room for growth may meet a family's future needs for multi-generational living.

KirE Builders builds semi-custom homes with plenty of room for growth at Black Canyon Estates, which offers the finest points of rural living yet is just minutes from Main Street Ramona and a short drive from main San Diego thoroughfares. Hutchinson shared that Black Canyon's estate homes range from 2,200 square feet to 2,710 square feet and sit on a two-plus acre lot at minimum. Black Canyon Estates has 25 of its original 35 sites available and offers six floor plans to choose from.

To learn more about the innovative homes offering outstanding value now and for the future at Black Canyon Estates by KirE, visit, email or call 877-612-7465.


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